The Best VIP Programs for Sports Betting

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The Best VIP Programs for Sports Betting

If you are a regular sports bettor that likes to wager on a consistent basis, did you know you could be missing out on bonuses and rewards if you aren’t part of the best VIP programs for sports betting?

In short, some bookmakers will reward you for your betting – it could be a certain number of bets placed within a specific timeframe, or a specific amount wagered. Either way, there are bet credits, free bets and other rewards available when you sign up for the best loyalty programs in sports betting.

In this article, we will reveal everything you need to know about these VIP schemes, from how to join loyalty program at sportsbooks right through to finding the best VIP conditions available today. By the end of this post, you will be armed with all of the information that you need to take your sports betting to the next level!

1. What are Loyalty Programs in Sports Betting?

Normally, you would place your bets on your favourite sports and have one risk – losing your stake – and one reward, that is, the possibility of winning your bet. When you consider VIP programs for sports betting players, that risk and reward relationship changes. Sure, your bet could lose and your stake is lost, but remember this feeds into your VIP/loyalty score – eventually, you will earn rewards for the amount you have wagered.

So, when you join sportsbooks with top VIP programs, every penny or cent you bet feeds into your loyalty ‘performance’, and soon you will see this returned to you in the many different perks that VIP programs offer. Just some of the benefits of these loyalty schemes include:

  • Cashback offers - a percentage of the amount that you bet is paid back to your account if the bet is lost;
  • Free bets - bonuses worth a given amount that can be placed as a regular bet;
  • Exclusive promotions - bonuses and offers available only for VIP program members;
  • Prize giveaways - an opportunity to get a specific prize or item for free;
  • Boosted odds - access to more attractive odds than regular ones for particular sports events;
  • Event tickets - a possibility to obtain a ticket for a sports event that isn't available anywhere else;
  • Faster withdrawals - access to exclusive faster withdrawal methods;
  • Personal account manager - getting a support worker assigned to deal with your account's problems and issues.

That all sounds too good to be true, but the truth is that the best VIP programs offer some or all of the above to their loyal customers. That said, not all high stakes betting in VIP sportsbooks is as good as it should be, and so the aim of this article is to educate you on where you can find the best bookmakers with loyalty programs with ease.

There are not too many tipster competitions on the sports betting websites, but at BetVIP we are aware of these demands from players, and our users can register and play in our Royal Tipster on this page with a great prize pool.

2. How to Find Sportsbooks with VIP Programs

The task of finding VIP loyalty programs for sportsbooks is made a whole bunch easier when you actually know where to look for them. The idea behind BetVIP is simple – we wanted to produce a sort of library of the best VIP and loyalty schemes offered by bookmakers, and thus create an instant result for the question of where to find loyalty programs for sports betting.

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We have compiled a comprehensive list of the finest VIP schemes, and you will also find bookmakers loyalty programs without withdrawal limits too – so if you are a high stakes bettor or a high roller, you won’t find as many hoops to jump through with these sportsbooks in order to get your hands on your money. So, you can trust BetVIP to deliver everything you need to join the leading sports betting brands with VIP offer. For example, there are reasons why you won't find here details about Betfair loyalty program available in the related article.

3. Top Sportsbook Loyalty Programs

There is an increasing number of sportsbook loyalty programs available these days, so how do we separate the best from the rest? One of the key factors of any VIP scheme is the terms and conditions. How much do you need to wager before you will see a return/reward on your investment? What percentage of your total stake will be returned to you? And do those rewards offer genuine value in your betting, i.e. free bets or cashback, rather than gimmicky gifts and merchandise?

Most loyalty programs are operated on a ladder based system, where the more you stake the more levels you climb. At BetVIP, we examine how long it will take for bettors to climb to the higher ranks, and what investment you will need to make to get there. In the end, you will see on our site the VIP packages we rate the most highly, and – as a quick spoiler alert – we can exclusively reveal our top three here.

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We particularly like the loyalty program on offer at bet365, who reward their customers with a variety of treats when they stake the requisite amount. If this is interesting to you, more information about bet365 VIP program can be found in the related article. The Unibet VIP program is invite-only, however, if you are a consistent depositor and bettor that stakes higher-than-average amounts then you will certainly be considered by them. And finally, we have 1XBET, a unique sports betting and casino operator that has a points-based loyalty system. The more regularly you bet with them, the more points you will earn – free bets, cashback and unique promotions are just three of the perks on offer.

4. Max Payouts in Bookmaker VIP Programs

As you probably know by now, all bookmakers have terms and conditions which their players must abide by. A section of these is dedicated to stakes and withdrawals – specifically the max stakes in sports betting VIP programs you can use and also the max withdrawal that you can request.

In some cases, the max deposit will also be capped, and so what we’ve done at BetVIP is identify the bookmakers where players are not limited to tiny amounts - we know that our followers are likely to stake above average amounts. And the upshot of that is that, from time to time, you will win handsome sums – and that’s where knowing the maximum payouts at sportsbooks VIP programs comes in so handy.

5. Sports Betting Loyalty Program Benefits

The benefits of sports betting loyalty programs really do speak for themselves. As we’ve already mentioned, when you wager with a bookmaker without a VIP scheme it is an all-or-nothing risk – you will either win your bet or you won’t. There’s no middle ground or grey areas.

However, when you opt into a loyalty program, you know that even if your bet loses, at least your stake will be credited towards the requirements of the package – win or lose, you will soon benefit from free bets, cashback and the other loyalty perks. Remember that apart from sportsbook VIP programs, there are also those made for casinos featuring various promo offers, including bonuses for high roller poker players that can be found in the related article.

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The question of how to benefit from betting VIP programs the most lies in your staking – the more you bet, typically the more lucrative your VIP returns will be. You may also climb the ladder more quickly too, from bronze right through to platinum where an array of benefits await you. By using BetVIP, you are already on the road towards making the very best from your wagering, with all of the information you need to join the best VIP programs for sports betting found on this very website.

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