VIP Rewards and Cashback Offers

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VIP Rewards and Cashback Offers

With fierce competition in the online betting industry, bookmakers have to create reasons for player retention on their websites, so they introduce VIP rewards and cashback offers which persuade customers to retain their allegiance. VIP loyalty rewards are seen as the next step up from the basic welcome bonuses, which are normal practice.

Here we examine further the VIP rewards program at various brands, presenting a guide to casino cashback offers; explain the basics of how they work and how to claim your VIP reward. In addition, we look at the benefits that some of the online casino rewards and VIP schemes can provide, and reasons for improving VIP status, in tiered programs.

1. VIP Rewards and Cashback - How Do They Work?

The majority of online casino and sportsbooks provide some sort of VIP loyalty rewards system, many of which inject a cashback feature into their offering. A large proportion of the VIP loyalty rewards programs, operate with a categorized three-tiered system:

  • Usually the first tier allows higher bonus rates, and the allocation of a dedicated servicing agent to offer advice and 24/7 assistance.
  • At the next tier up, many brands allow higher deposit and withdrawal limits; plus doors open up to far bigger cash opportunities.
  • The highest tier might then take everything to an even greater level, with gifts and prizes regularly awarded.

The VIP cashbacks are usually incentive based and work by accumulating points based on individual play, which are then exchanged for cash. So basically, the more a player spends, the more they will receive back, as a cashback.

2. How to Claim Your VIP Reward

The VIP rewards program gives regular punters something to aim for. A player wouldn't necessarily have to claim their VIP loyalty rewards, they usually occur automatically, based on high activity over a certain time, picked up by algorithms, and often are tied into points acquired in that period. As a VIP player, you receive one-on-one time with an assigned advisor, who effectively becomes your account manager, meaning any reward triggered, will be communicated without the need to chase, through 24/7 VIP customer support.

3. Guide to Casino Cashback Offers

Casinos with cashback offers provide players with a great chance to recover some lost cash, on a regular basis. There are many different types of this form of promotion, but all are based on the percentages of net losses, over a specific time-frame. With the VIP cashback, there will be consideration of their loyalty status as a VIP member, taken into account. These exclusive cash back offers are easy to follow and give a player a safety net of sorts; recouping money and allowing them to continue trying to improve their VIP standing, with a particular brand.

3.1 bet365 Casino Cashback Builder

bet365 operate a cashback casino bonus system, which rewards loyalty in the form of an 'activity builder' scheme, where a player can accumulate free spins, based on the frequency of play and staking habits, which is a different interpretation of exclusive cash back offers.

3.2 William Hill Casino VIP Rewards

As one of the best online casino rewards and VIP schemes, William Hill take their program a step further with exclusive entry into their Casino Club, where an even greater conversion rate is accessible, to increase the profit opportunities and also enhance the whole experience, with flexibility in account controls.

Read our article about William Hill VIP loyalty program and exclusive bonus offer to find more details.

3.3 Unibet Cash Back for Casino Bonus

Unibet operate a cashback casino bonus, or to be precise, a rakeback bonus, to use their terminology, which can be rated as right at the top of the best cashback bonuses for players, due to the introduction of their 'rake race', which sees players compete for an additional €3,000 EUR, which the eventual winner will pocket for accumulating the most points, over a set period.

3.4 Bitstarz Casino Cashback Bonus

The Bitstarz cashback casino bonus takes VIP players to private tables, offering exclusive access to tournaments and provides incentives to increase their activity, in respect of their reward offer.

4. Best Sports Betting VIP Rewards and Cashback Offers

VIP programs for sports betting can become a key part of a punters betting strategy. Consequently, finding the right brand to earn VIP rewards and cashback to match your activity level, is an important factor. Calculating what tier might be achievable in a VIP loyalty rewards scheme, should definitely influence a players choice of brand.

Best Sports Betting VIP Rewards and Cashback Promos

Bonus Casino
100% New Player Bonus of up to $1,000!
Bonus Casino
100% Deposit Match up to $500
Bonus Casino
Bonus 100% up to €200 + 10 free spins
William Hill
William Hill
Bonus Casino
Bonus up to £300
Promo code

4.1 bet365 Exclusive VIP Rewards

bet365 offer a VIP bonus code as part of a welcome package and their VIP loyalty rewards system is slightly different from many of the other brands, in so much that their valued customers are given the exclusive opportunity to participate in their in-play offer, where if you place a bet on an event before it begins, they will reward you with an identical amount to use in-running, as a completely free bet. Also, as part of their casino rewards VIP points are given out based on activity, which can be exchanged exclusively for tournament entry, or bonus funds.

You can find more detailed decription of bet365 VIP club, loyalty program and high roller bonus in our review article. If you are interested in their offer, it's definitely worth reading.

4.2 Unibet Cash Back Rewards

Unibet's cashback casino bonus, which they refer to as a 'rakeback', is their version of VIP loyalty rewards, where players are part of a system which allows them to climb a table consisting of various levels, over a 3 month period. Small to medium stake players will usually 'rakeback' just under 25% of their outlay, but the high-stake players can take that percentage up to as much as 51%.

4.3 NetBet Cashback and VIP Bonuses

Netbet's VIP loyalty rewards program offers some of the best cashback bonuses for players online. They operate a system consisting of VIP levels of Bronze, Silver, Gold and Diamond, giving players chance to earn VIP rewards and cashback opportunities, dependant upon the regularity of their activity.

If this offer sounds interesting to you, check out article about NetBet VIP loyalty program and exclusive high roller club bonus, in which you can find all the necessary details.

4.4 William Hill VIP Bonus

William Hill measure up really well when comparing loyalty bonus offers at an online casino and sportsbook. Their VIP rewards program of bonuses is by invitation only, but you improve your chances of joining by constantly playing on the website, particularly with high stakes. Once a member, you are appointed with a VIP manager, to provide a personal service via live chat video; plus higher cash bonus and further invites to hospitality events.

5. Cashback and VIP Rewards - FAQ's

5.1 🎁 Why do brands operate VIP loyalty rewards schemes?

They are introduced to retain customers at their brand, rewarding loyalty with offers of increasing value, depending upon VIP status.

5.2 ❓ How does a VIP rewards program work?

A high proportion of brands operate with a three-tiered system reflecting levels of activity.

5.3 🧮 How are Cashbacks calculated?

Cashbacks are usually measured against the percentage of a customers net losses over a specified period.

5.4 📈 How do you improve VIP status?

VIP rewards and cashback offers are based around the frequency of playing time, coupled with the value of the stakes wagered, so increasing both will improve a player's VIP standing.

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