Tipster Competition for Free

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Tipster Competition for Free

When it comes to sports betting, nothing beats having free entry into a competition and that is exactly what you get when playing the tipster competition for free. If you think you know more about football than your mates, the free tipster competition is perfect for you, as you can all enter the challenge together and see who comes out on top. And the prize pool in this contest is pretty convincing! Each week the tipsters can win as much as €150!

So not only will you and your friends get to see who is the best football tipster but you will also have the opportunity to win cash prizes. If that sounds good, continue below where you can find out more about our free tipster contest, including details of how to enter the tipping comp, the football tipster prizes and the simple rules.

1. How to Enter Free Tipping Competition

Entering the tipster challenge is easy and it will not cost you anything to play. To begin, you must have an account at BetVIP before you can enter the soccer tipster competition. Click on this link and you will be taken directly to the signup page for the website. Enter the required details and you will have your account ready in a matter of seconds.

Now you can login into your account and you are ready to begin playing the tipster league. You must click 'join contest' to enter the world tipster league and this will take you to the page where you can make your predictions for the upcoming selected football matches. You can find out more about the process and football tipster league rules in the next section.

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2. Free Football Tipster Contest – Rules

Having created your account on BetVIP and joined the current contest, you are ready to play the soccer 1x2 based prediction game. As this is a free 1x2 contest, you will be predicting the outcome of selected football matches from around the world. However, it is not simply a case selecting which team you think is going to win the games in question, there is a little more skill involved in the selection process. And if you indeed have these skills, you may not only win our tipster competition, but can also try your luck in the best VIP bookmakers for big bets enumerated on our website.

The tipster competition is based on the betting odds of the teams. When you make a correct prediction, in other words, the team you have selected wins the match, you will be awarded points based on the odds for the team to win the game. So, playing the tipping competition means assessing the teams involved to see if you can spot where an upset may occur as this is what will give you the best chance of winning the tipster competitions. And how much can you win? Well, the prize pool is as much as €150, which in our opinion, is a solid argument for joining the game!

But let's get back to the points. For example, you will get more points if you successfully back a team to win that was available at 3/1 than you would a team that was 1/2. In that respect, it much the same as betting with the bookmaker, as you would win more money if you were successful when betting on larger odds.

However, if you make an incorrect prediction, you will get 0 points. The points are added in each round of the free tipster league and the prize pool is decided by the points awarded to each player. The results will be completed within 72 hours after the last match has ended, and the cycle is considered valid once a minimum of 18 games are settled.

3. 1x2 Tipster Competition - Prize Pool

The football tipster prizes are awarded to the top seven tipsters with the highest number of points come the end of the cycle. There is a total prize pool of €150 and the winnings will be transferred directly to the PayPal accounts of successful players after user verification. It is vital you add a verified PayPal account when you sign up on the website if you want to enter the tipsters competition and win prizes. Without a valid PayPal account linked to your profile, you will not receive your winnings.

In addition to the regular prize pool of €150, the free tipster contest features a ‘Coupon of the Day’ and this is based on the player with the highest number of points on a single day. The winner will receive an additional prize of €5 and this prize is awarded when the given tip contains a minimum of 4 events.

4. Free Tipster Contest – Ranking

The free tipster competition prize pool is split into different rankings and based on where you finish in the rankings, you will be awarded the appropriate prize.

The 82prize pool is split as follows:

  • €50
  • €25
  • €15
  • €10
  • €5
  • €5
  • €5

So, even if you believe you are out of the running for the first prize, keep playing because you can still win. Remember, the contest is free to enter and anything you win will be profit. That is not the case when betting at a sportsbook, so why not take advantage of the opportunity to play the free tipster league and see what you can win?

Not all the matches will be in the top European leagues, so you may have to do a little research before making your predictions, but that is part of the fun. Playing the tipster competition for free is extremely exciting, and it is just the perfect way to prove you know more about football than anyone else, plus win cash prizes in the process.

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