High Stakes Betting Sites

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High Stakes Betting Sites

They say that if you have an edge over the market as a sports bettor, the sky really is your limit – at this point, you can readily up the ante at high stakes betting sites, safe in the knowledge that your edge will continue to yield profits – at the higher stakes, even more so! We’ll explain what an edge in betting is later in this article, but the bottom line is that if you are a regular winner in your sports betting – and have tracked your results over a decent period of time – then you are the perfect candidate for high stakes wagering.

It’s worth noting that some bookmakers let you deposit, withdraw and stake more than others, and the reasons for that are unique to each betting site. Of course, as somebody who can maximise your returns through high stakes betting, you want to know which bookmakers will let you wager as much as possible... and that’s where this article comes in handy. We’re going to reveal what high roller bookmakers are and, most crucially, where to find the best high stakes sports betting brands online – offering four unique sites to help you get started.

We’ll also talk about high stakes betting bonuses, specifically how to spot the vert best offers that will benefit your position as a high roller the most. And we’ll sign off by offering some playing tips for high roller bookie players – including how to make the very most from every single bet you place. Sound good? If you are ready to become a high stakes sports bettor, this guide will be perfect for you.

1. What are High Roller Bookmakers?

As you may or may not know, not all bookmakers are equal when it comes to the amounts that you can deposit, bet and then withdraw. Some have stiflingly low limits which, as a high roller, you simply won’t find good enough. However, the good news is that there is plenty of sports betting brands for playing high stakes, and these are the operators that we really should be focusing on. One of the examples is Betfair and you can always learn about Betfair VIP bonuses from the related article.

So how do you set about finding them? Of course, you could manually check all of the bookmakers under the sun, researching their terms and conditions to find those that let you deposit and bet high roller amounts. But you don’t need to... because we’ve done all the hard work for you.

2. How to Find High Stakes Sportsbooks Online?

At BetVIP, we have run the rule over hundreds of betting sites from all over the world, investigating the maximum limits that they have in place. Naturally, when shortlisting the best bookmakers for high stakes players, we’re looking at the maximum deposit that you can make, the maximum stake size you can bet with and, just as importantly, the maximum withdrawal you can make – both in monetary terms and also each day, week, month etc.

We start with bet365, undoubtedly one of the leading online bookies for high roller players. Not only is this a fantastic online betting site anyway, but high stakes players benefit from the fact that the maximum limit is £/€/$2 million – that is one of the highest withdrawal limits you will find in the industry.

If you are a football bettor, you will find William Hill to have one of the highest maximum payouts at high roller sports betting brands. If you bet on football, you have a maximum win limit of £2 million – that’s as good as it gets. If you bet on other sports you can enjoy limits of £1 million on horse racing, £500,000 on golf and slightly less for other sports.

Taking a look at the max stakes at high roller sports betting sites, Unibet also spring to mind. They will let you wager more on all sports, and so it goes without saying that you can win more too on successful wagers – you can bet on a huge range of sports at Unibet.

Finally, a quick word about 1XBET – one of the top high roller sportsbooks online. Across a seven-day period, you can withdraw as much as you want from your 1XBET account – so, if you land a huge win on your sports bets, you can expect to get your hands on your winnings in the quickest possible timeframe! What this brand can give you is a little bit different from the NetBet VIP offer for sports available in the related article.

3. High Roller Sports Betting Bonuses

To help you get started on your journey with high roller online bookmakers with no withdrawal limits, we have identified those four brands that are an excellent starting point – and offer excellent bonuses too. So, you can join bet365, William Hill, Unibet or 1XBET and take advantage of welcome offers at high stakes sportsbooks that are perfect for high rollers. You can wager more and thus win more with your bonus funds, and so there’s no better way to get started. And if you still need more, you can get familiar with top sportsbooks in the UK available in the related article.

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4. What is Maximum Withdrawal Limit?

To protect themselves from huge liabilities, bookmakers put in place limits to ensure they don’t bankrupt themselves when a popular bet wins! Some bookmakers allow large max deposits, and so you can win larger sums that a high roller would expect – sadly, other bookies only have smaller maximum limits, and these are best avoided. The key is max withdrawals too. Let’s say you win a huge sum – it’s useless if you can’t get your hands on the money! And so the high stakes online bookmakers top brands that we recommend at BetVIP pass the test when it comes to large deposits and withdrawals being made.

5. Tips for Playing with High Stakes at Bookmakers

When you are betting with high stakes, the same basic principles apply as if you are wagering with lower amounts. You need to have an edge on the market – that is the key in how to win at high stakes betting sites online. Do you have a particular sport or even a particular betting market that you win on regularly? That’s your edge, and when you find yourself in this position you can start to increase your stakes with confidence.

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For another set of playing with high stakes at bookmakers tips, remember that all of the normal rules apply about not chasing your losses, about researching every bet you place thoroughly and not expecting to win every bet you place – that is impossible. Instead, think about your betting as a way of trying to increase your wealth – a savings account at the bank might pay you 1% interest if you are lucky, so if you can achieve an ROI on your betting of 2% then you are doubling what a bank can offer you.

Now that you know the best high stakes betting sites and how to bet with them, the world is your oyster!

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